Being a feminist…and owning it!

Joy Ijeoma Meribe

Some people think that calling you a feminist is an insult. I am a feminist and I own it without fear. Only a woman who wants to conform to what people expect her to be is afraid to speak up for what she stands for!
'He who doesn't stand for anything falls for everything! If you don't know what feminism means, go educate yourself about it. It is not anti-men or against men but seeks for the equality of the sexes. 

By the way...most of the men in my life were/are feminists in different degrees even when they never declared it themselves. From my father who sent me to a private secondary school that was seemingly far above his means at the time ( he said 'My daughter is brilliant and I would even sell the cloth on my back to support her to be anything she desires to be) not minding he had 5 other siblings growing up after hubby who buys me women empowering books and supported/supports me to acquire academic knowledge even above his own my brothers and male cousins who have often had to hold down their homes while their wives went to other countries to study. 

I love these men too much to be anti-men. 
Just like Chimamanda Adichie said, we should all be feminists.
And I add...if you are born of a woman, you should be a feminist!





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