The Destiny of a dress

Joy Ijeoma Meribe

A dress, not only for who is wearing it but mainly for who makes it, is much more than a simple dress. Who thought it out, created and made it by choosing the textile, colours, cuts and silhouette has a special bond with each one of his creations just like it’s his child.

Gibran the poet wrote ‘Your children are not your children. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you’.  When the time comes you must let them go. In the right proportions this is what happens to every designer when the day of the fashion show comes, which metaphorically speaking, is the day of his child delivery: six months of gestation for only more or less, six minutes of catwalk.

Then that creature wouldn't be his own anymore. It came through him as Gibran said but now has to walk by itself, on its own feet, under the judgment of the press, the buyers and finally the clients. Yes…the clients, because when a dress is sold, it can end up in the hands of whomever, even in the hands of whom doesn’t know how to wear it properly.

Alexander McQueen considered Victoria Beckham who even loved him so much, not good enough to wear his outfits and once, he disagreed with Courtney Love because she expected to be given a dress from his shop in Bond Street without paying for it! He called his shop very angry and asked that she be issued a bill of 40.000 pounds because you cannot give up your creature for nothing...How I understand him!

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