Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes...and Heights!

The great thing about fashion is that it is for everyone. Every man, woman and child can use clothes and accessories to express themselves and show the world their personality; in this day and age there is something stylish for everyone, regardless of tastes and budget concerns.

There has also been a widespread increase in the availability of plus size clothing recently, which is a huge step forward in catering to those whose size is not what we regard as standard.

However, there is still something that most fashion brands are not great at: making clothes specifically for people of different heights.

I am 179 cm tall and I know this problem all too well. I can't tell you how many times I've tried on pants that were too short (but otherwise a great fit) or had to get a top in a larger size so that it would cover my lower back.

It is frustrating at times, but there is not much one can do about it, right?


Modaf Designs is a fashion brand that solves the problem of not being compatible with "standard" sizes for petite and tall women by having 3 different patterns for 3 height ranges:

PETITE - 156 cm (5ft 1in) to 164 cm (5ft 4in)

STANDARD - 165 cm (5ft 4in) to 173 cm (5ft 6in)

TALL - 174 cm (5ft 7in) to 182 cm (6ft 0in).

We also have a wide range of sizes: from 38 to 60.

Such a simple solution and such a great way to make all women feel included and valued.

Modaf Designs' size and height inclusive 'Prêt à porter capsule collection hand-made in Italycollection merges the vibrant colors of traditional African wax print fabrics with exquisite Italian tailoring, creating looks that are modern, sophisticated and feminine.

Our crowdfunding campaign is launching soon on Kickstarter so sign up by clicking on this link to be notified of our launch date and get the 40% discount reserved for our super early backers!



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