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About Modaf Designs

Founded in 2016, Modaf Designs is a brand dedicated to alternative, versatile and original fashion. Although it is an emerging brand in a very short time it has become known for its stylistic influences that unite in an absolutely appealing way, both Western style with Afro features for a unique and harmonious result. The idea is based on its founder Joy Meribe and her background, her life story and her passion for an eclectic and sophisticated taste.Born in Nigeria but she has been living in Italy since 2003. She earned a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature ​​in her native land and a Master in International Business Studies in Reggio Emilia, Italy in 2011/2012. Thanks to this rich and varied background, she has successfully worked as a Cultural/Linguistic Mediator, Business Consultant and Fashion Blogger. These experiences have allowed her to consolidate her training and stimulate her creativity in a fusion of styles that seem to trace the stages of her life. The collections feature unique garments inspired by Western fashion designs with clear references to African culture and style showing off on amazing fantasies and patterns.

The Style

 The style of Modaf Designs is all this and much more: the colorations of the collections are arranged in a way to be able to play with fashion and to meet the different needs and tastes of different types of women with motifs from the original and lively combinations. Whatever the occasion is, Modaf Designs offers absolutely one-of-a-kind unique solutions ranging from the more classic and bon ton models to the more casual and youthful models to cater to women of different types but always with a focus on style and design of garments.

Decorations and small applications give a personalized and sophisticated touch to all the outfits by differentiating Modaf Designs collections from all that fashion offers today. The strong personality of the designer comes to the surface with a balanced mix of stylistic and cultural influences that are noted and acknowledged. In just one year since the founding of the Modaf Designs brand, it was able to emerge in a complex and difficult context like the one in the fashion world, succeeding in bringing in its first collection in just one year of its activity at the prestigious Milan Fashion Week in September 2017 where it has been presented and acclaimed successfully. The collection is constantly updated with new items and accessories ready to complete outfits in full compliance with the brand's philosophy made up of love for details and refinements. If you want to wear a unique garment that encloses aestheticism, traces of culture and originality, Modaf Designs is the brand that can give you all this and so much more.

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